Life journeys shared

Here are some of the many thank-you’s (OK, “testimonials”) I’ve received over the years.

They’re a true affirmation of the value of this work; but more importantly, a tribute to the people I meet and the life journey we share for a while as we create these video mementoes together…

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Thank you for the wonderful video. It received rave reviews at our retirement celebration and I’m excited to share it with family and friends. The essence of our relationship was genuinely reflected as was our individual idiosyncrasies…


(Rosemarie’s colleague, Sahri also expressed her appreciation)

It was a pleasure working with you and the care and vision you put into producing it truly are “from the heart”. You managed to capture my relationship with Sahri as well as our respective personalities perfectly and I wish you nothing but the very best in this beautiful endeavour you have undertaken.


(writing about a retirement tribute video that was created for her and her colleague)