Telling moving stories

Video From The Heart was born based on my passionate belief that everyone has a moving story to tell.

I came to this conclusion over many years (decades in fact) as an award-winning, corporate video producer — working for companies such as Manulife Financial, Canadian Tire and BMO. You can read more in my LinkedIn bio.

By 2013, I was already the “go-to” slideshow & video creator amongst my family and friends. I’d created dozens of videos for special events like significant birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and memorials.

The more I worked with people to capture their lives and tell those untold stories; the more meaningful I found the work and the more satisfaction I felt as I thrilled people with the professional videos they could share. It was a natural step to decide to do this for other people – for anyone who understood the value in capturing these cherished moments to create a lasting video legacy.

I’ve never looked back and only regret when there is not enough time in the day to capture all of the wonderful moments out there!  But it’s the chance to continually meet new people and hear their moving stories that helps me continue doing (and loving) this work!

Karen on set – mid-interview