Video Memoir

There are many reasons why you might be thinking about putting your story on video — it might be a straightforward biographical piece you’re looking for; or a very special message for your children or grandchildren or for a loved one to be left as a legacy message — I call these “video heirlooms“.

A video memoir or a tribute can help you to ‘spice up’ a special event or celebration; but also deliver a very personal and private message you want to share discreetly but genuinely — in the “up close and personal” way that only video can provide (and without having to be there!).

Meet Dr. Michael Brecher; a world renowned International Politics Professor who has taught at McGill University for over sixty years. Michael’s daughters commissioned a 16-Chapter video memoir that tells the story of their father’s life through the dual lens of his academic achievements and his family’s journey.

In this first clip, Michael talks about travelling by land and sea all the way to Israel in 1949. Below, he describes the “love of his life” — his wife Eva; who he met by chance shortly after arriving in Israel.

In another fascinating clip, Dr. Brecher describes how Lord Mountbatten referred him to Nehru, the first Prime Minister of an independent India in 1953. Michael wrote the first Western biography of Nehru.

Clips made available courtesy of the Brecher family.