Corporate Video

The lion’s share of my professional work experience comes from the years I was producing, writing and directing in the corporate video and corporate communications world where I’ve been in-house as a communications manager and consultant at top-rated Canadian companies such as Manulife Financial and Canadian Tire.

I won multiple awards for the corporate videos I produced including the International Television Association (ITVA)’s Gold Award; and 3 “best video” awards from the Canadian Life & Health Association (CLHIA).

I also worked for over a decade in online communications and publishing at AOL Canada with roles that ranged from web publisher, to retention marketer and product manager. Since so many videos are shown in this online and social media space, it helps that I have such a strong grounding in this distribution platform for video (i.e. the web). I also manage and do all the publishing for my own web site.

This clip is from a video I produced for Bank of Montreal in the late 90’s.

While corporate videos have evolved over the years, my belief in strong storytelling to motivate, inform and impact change, is more resolved than ever. So my specialty (and therefore Video from the Heart’s), skews towards projects that require intimate, on-camera interviews that are lively, insightful and inspirational.