How Video from the Heart makes your video

I am passionate about helping people decide which stories they want to tell; who you want to tell them to (audience is key); and how we can collaborate to produce a highly professional, end product that you and your loved ones can cherish for years to come.

The video production process is straightforward and consists of three connected steps:

STEP 1: PROJECT PLAN (what will you be saying and to whom?)

Once we agree to work together, we will sit down and plan your video. Your audience is key and will help us to decide which stories you want to tell and how you want to tell them.

We will also determine the best approach to capture your story using on-camera interview(s), voice-over narration, photo animation and other archival footage that you hold dear. At the end of this step, I will provide you with a video proposal and a cost quote; usually with a few options on how we can best tackle your project.

STEP 2: PRODUCTION (video shooting & photo collecting/curating)

I will provide you with a shooting schedule and work with you to film the interviews and other covering footage that will help to tell your story. We’ll also collect photos and other archival materials to create a more vivid picture of your unique narrative.

STEP 3: POST-PRODUCTION (from editing to the finish line)

The most spectacular films are “made” in the editing room and with my personal video storytelling approach it’s no different. I’ll edit your video and streamline the process so that we tell the story you want to have told. And you’ll be thrilled with the final polished and professional video you can share with your loved ones.