Have questions?

How much will my video memoir cost?

The analogy I use is how much does it cost to build a house? That said, houses do come in different sizes and styles. That’s where my packages can help you decide what you want to “build” and how much it will cost. Basically I work with three options you can choose from: a small, medium and large (or custom) video package and I will walk you through your options once I hear the stories you want to tell, to whom and in what budget range. There’s more detail on my Process and my Pricing pages.

What if I’m shy about being “on camera”?

The thought of sitting in front of my camera and talking about your life may seem a bit daunting but in the end it is just a conversation that we will have (with my video camera inconspicuously in the background). I love to hear people’s stories and ask many questions as the story unfolds. The conversation is very natural and never “staged”.

Will you be in my video?

No, I am the “off-camera” interviewer which means you will never hear my questions or see me in your final video. I’m there to facilitate your storytelling based on the topics and stories we’ve agreed upon in our planning session. Just about everyone I work with talks about how much they enjoyed the process and that once we got going, the conversation really flowed.

Where will we do the filming?

We can do pretty well whatever you want – including what makes you comfortable. Video from the Heart is just me and my portable video camera, lighting and sound package. I come to you and we film where it makes sense for us to film. And we can make it as quiet and intimate (or boisterous) as you wish. A lot of great ideas and shared creativity around these decisions tend to pop up in the planning session.

How long will it take to make my video?

Video projects depending on their size (small, medium and large/custom) can take anywhere from 4 weeks to four months to complete. It all depends on the scope of what you want to do and how we decide we will approach your video production. There’s more detail on my Process and Pricing pages.